We have all been there. It has been a long and stressful day and you are ready to collapse between the sheets of your comfortable bed. The last thing you want to do is stand before a bathroom mirror cleansing your face from that day’s makeup, excess oil, impurities, and dead skin cells.

Healthy skin can be achieved with Clarisonic brushes available at Refine MD.  

You debate whether you should take the time to clean your face or get some shut-eye before the sun rises again. Face cleansing is an important part of achieving and maintaining healthy skin and Refine MD has the tools that will help make it less of a chore. 

Clarisonic Skin Care — Simple & Fast

Refine MD offers their clients a high-quality skin care cleansing system from Clarisonic. According to Clarisonic, their brushes are “simple & fast for the everyday cleansing routine.” And “simple & fast” is a bonus as a time-saver for those busy lifestyles. 

Better than Wash Cloths and Wipes

Are you currently using washcloths or wipes to remove grime from your face? Did you know that hanging damp cloths in your shower and reusing them can harbor bacteria which in turn can spread to your face? That is not only disgusting but these germs can cause breakouts and infections on your skin. In effect, if you do this, your intention of achieving healthy skin is actually undermined by the bacteria-laden washcloth.

There is a better way, one that is even better than using wipes, and one that is certainly better than washcloths. According to Clarisonic, their Mia Prima brush removes dirt, oil and sunscreen and also “takes off long-wear makeup 89% better than wipes.” That 89% is an incredible number and that is why Refine MD loves the Clarisonic brushes. 

A variety of skin care product are available at Refine MD including the Clarisonic Mia Brush.Clarisonic Collection Offers Variety

What is really wonderful is that Clarisonic has created a variety of brush heads providing people with the ability to customize their skin cleansing routine to their skin care needs. The Clarisonic Collection includes brushes for acne-prone skin, to minimize pores, lines, and more. Here is what Clarisonic has to say about their Brush Head Collection... 

Acne Cleansing Brush Head
Use this brush head for acne-prone skin to flush away acne-causing impurities. Gently removes trouble-causing debris from pores.

Sonic Exfoliator gently exfoliates for healthy, baby smooth skin with a radiant, even skin tone while minimizing the look of pores & signs of lines*

Deep Pore Brush Head
Use for the deepest cleanse. Best for skin prone to oil and clogged pores. Visibly reduces the appearance of enlarged pores.
*Consumer study with 55 women after using Daily Radiance Brush Head for 4 weeks

New Daily Radiance Brush Head
More radiant, glowing skin in just 1 week. 96% saw healthier looking skin and 98% agree the brush head feels gentle and comfortable*.

New Sensitive Brush Head
Dermatologist tested for gentleness. Ultra-gentle cleanse so skin feels soothed and nurtured. Helps reduce signs of redness.

In addition, Refine MD carries high-quality cleansing products for the Clarisonic Skin Care devices. Stop in and check out our selection. Are you unsure which device to select to start your new healthy skin care routine? Refine MD can help you make the best choice for your skin type. 

If you want a free consultation, please set up an appointment and we would be happy to meet with you!

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