As we think about slowly emerging from the “COVID cocoon” in the next few months – with masks and social distancing, of course — we may notice that the proverbial butterfly is not what we envisioned.

Quarantine 15 got you down? Yoga pants getting tight around the middle? An extra chin on your video screen? New wrinkles or frown lines? Dull skin? Looking sad, mad or tired? The stress of COVID-19 and staying at home may have taken its toll in several ways.

We know that mindfulness — living in the moment  — is a critical strategy for thriving in these times, and that eating healthy and exercising both help us feel and look better. Selfcare becomes even more important than ever. Refine MD has some ideas to help perk you up now!

1. Coolsculpting:  Jumpstart your re-entrance into the world. Feel better and look better as you move from yoga pants to your “real” clothes! Contact us for great savings!

2.  Skin Rejuvenation: Renew your skin’s health as you get healthier  - with 

Microneedling with Platelet-Rich Plasma – save on a package!
       $750 each/ package of 3 for $1800 – 20% savings!!!!!

HALO – if you have 4000 Refine Loyalty points, get it for $999 (value $1350)

Hydrafacial MD– you could not have your Hydrafacial during our shutdown – Now we are open and ready to serve you with extensive measures in place for your safety – Call to schedule yours  today

3.  Reversing the sad, mad, tired look — even if we still feel a bit sad or tired, we don’t have to present that face to the world.  A little pick-me-up with Botox or a lift with Juvederm can work wonders. Contact us for great savings!

4.  Or even some fun with Juvederm Lips. Contact us for great savings!

5.  Product specials to protect your masked face and to refresh your routine. Contact us for great savings!

Contact us at Refine MD 920.380.9990 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a complimentary consultation with Sujitra to get you on your way back to yourself! Let us help — Reflect the Real You! 

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