It has been awhile, 2002 to be exact, since Allergan was given the FDA thumbs up to smooth out frown lines with BOTOX® injections. Since then, millions of people have been erasing years off their face and avoiding drastic methods such as plastic surgery. Unfortunately, with continued rising interest and money to be had, BOTOX® scammers are working to cash in on a big payday. Don’t let it be from your wallet!

Refine MD Botox treatments are Allergan's FDA-Approved injections.

Since BOTOX® was approved and available, new uses for the drug have been discovered. It isn’t just for frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines any longer. BOTOX® is doing much more than that these days. Physicians are now able to relieve patients from a variety of medical conditions including blepharospasms (eyelid spasms), strabismus (crossed eyes), spasmodic dysphonia (spasms of the voice), hypersalivation (drooling), hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating. Treatment available here at Refine MD), chronic migraines, Bell’s Palsy (Facial Nerve paralysis), and Thyroid Eye disease. 

FDA BOTOX® Warning

Unfortunately, since BOTOX's® rise in popularity, the FDA has reported cases where individuals have sold and administered non-approved substances used as BOTOX® and fillers. In a February 7, 2019 news article posted by ABC 13, the local ABC news channel in Houston, a “26-year-old man who presents himself on Instagram as an expert on injections, racking up more than 32,000 followers, was actively soliciting clients just before he was arrested at RD Aesthetics MedSpa in southwest Houston.” The report states that “Houston police described Delatorre as a criminal who has been performing non-surgical cosmetic procedures, including injections like Botox, without a license or doctor’s supervision.”

In another report posted by Bradenton, Florida’s Fox13 on January 3, 2018, an unlicensed woman administered injections to customers for more than seven years out of her Brandenton home. Over that time period, one individual paid a whopping $36,000 for her services. According to the Fox 13 report, the investigators “found a large amount of medical supplies and medications, specifically a substance used as the fake Botox.” 

To avoid falling for fake BOTOX® schemes, here are a few tips from Refine MD: 

Is your BOTOX® the real McCoy? 

Verify that your injections are an authentic BOTOX® and BOTOX® Cometic. According to  

BOTOX® is a registered trademark of Allergan, Inc. The BOTOX® product is packaged in a glass vial with a purple or orange lid, labeled as BOTOX®, and has a Allergan hologram on the side. You may want to ask your injector to see the vial to confirm that this is the product he or she is using for your treatment. 

If the Price is too Good to be True…

If the price seems too be good to be true — then question the product’s authenticity. This may be a red flag that the product isn’t the rigorously tested BOTOX® injectable from Allergan. According to

BOTOX® is made only by Allergan—a US-based specialty pharmaceutical and medical device company offering innovative products in approximately 100 countries. Allergan is committed to significant and ongoing investment in research and development that enable us to pursue discoveries and treatments that empower individuals to live life to its fullest potential.

Besides, you can still get BOTOX® at a discounted price at Refine MD. Check out our Refine Returns and start saving today!

Receive BOTOX® from Trained Professionals

Allergan supplies BOTOX® to licensed professionals because they want their product to be the safest and most effective use for patients. “BOTOX® Cosmetic is manufactured by Allergan in a state-of-the-art facility under the strictest quality and safety standards. Every vial is filled and sealed in a completely sterile environment where the air is filtered and refreshed in excess of 200 times an hour.” 

Additional steps have been taken to try to keep people safe from these risky practices. According to to the FDA,  

Under the Drug Supply Chain Security Act, as of January 1, 2015, all health care providers who dispense or administer prescription drugs to patients are required to purchase their prescription drug products only from authorized trading partners licensed by or registered with the state or federal government, as applicable. This will help ensure that these prescription drugs are purchased from legitimate sources who are subject to oversight by the state or federal government.

Fake botox has been problem in the U.S. and according to Allergan, “the unscrupulous and illegal attempt by some individuals or companies to market products that are not clinically tested for safety or efficacy, lack regulatory approval (and therefore unsuitable for medical use) at the expense of patients’ safety for purely financial gains is something that affects every pharmaceutical and medical device company. We are not immune to this risk.” This is why it is important that individuals are cautious and choose certified professionals who administer Allergan’s U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved BOTOX®. 

At Refine MD, your health and well-being are important to us and we provide FDA-approved Allergan injections to our Refine MD family. You can trust Refine MD to take your safety and happiness as a number one priority!

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