I was nervous for my free consultation. I didn't know what to expect going into an aesthetic medical spa for the first time. That was back in February of 2008. I was experiencing what many of our new clients do.

The fear of the unknown, a combination of excitement, nervousness, embarrassment and shyness. It had taken months to build up the courage to call and make that first consultation appointment. When I did call, I wasn't sure exactly what to say. I am sure that I had mumbled in a panic, "I have battled acne for 10 years and I am tired of it." The receptionist was understanding and carefully explained what to expect when I arrived. I was relieved I had taken the first step. I also was worried and filled with fear. What happens if they judge me and how terrible my skin looked? Were they going to try and sell me something or charge me for coming in? Can I even afford anything there? These thoughts crossed my mind until my appointment, but I decided that 10 years of acne was enough. I was surprised from the moment I walked in. I was greeted warmly. It was friendly and relaxing. There were refreshments too! I was asked to fill out a brief medical history. I provided a list of previous treatments, allergies and details of my current skin care routine. After completing the form, I headed into the consultation room to sit down with one of the medical aestheticians. At first it was difficult having someone look over my skin without any make-up on, but she was kind and very considerate of my feelings during her assessment. Together we discussed all of the different options such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, BBL and the skin care available at Refine MD. She also informed me of the cost, expected outcome and any risks involved.  To begin she suggested a series of chemical peels, daily use of the Clarisonic brush with Revision and Eminence Organic Skin Care. She provided samples of the skin care and foundation from GloMinerals. I wasn't ready to schedule when we were finished, but I left feeling informed and confident that I was ready to decide the next steps for me. I started slowly as time and budget would allow. I went back a couple of weeks after my consultation and purchased products that I still love and use today. Over the next few months I was able to start receiving microdermabrasion and chemical peels. I worked very closely with my medical aesthetician and saw continued change and improvement with each appointment. 9 years later, I am now one of the medical aestheticians providing those same free consultations that I was once so apprehensive about. I enjoy meeting with every new client and strive to create that same level of care and compassion that I, too, experienced my first time at Refine MD. 

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