Spas have increasingly added more skin care services to their repertoire — and with these services we see more and more men stepping through the doors to receive these various skin care treatments. It has been the goal at Refine MD to offer services to anyone — both male and female — to help them attain and maintain healthy skin throughout their life. We care that men have healthy skin and that they feel good about it!

Refine MD offers skin care treatments for both men and women. 

Adult Male Acne & Scarring

Men oftentimes find themselves wondering why they still are exhibiting acne after their teen years. Getting acne and wrinkles simultaneously doesn’t seem especially fair, does it? But excess skin oil, bacteria, stress, changes in hormones, and even some medications can cause acne. One of our most popular treatments for men is HydraFacial, which is used to unplug pores, remove blackheads and whiteheads, and get skin feeling and looking rejuvenated, hydrated and healthy!

Do you look back to your teen years and wish that you wouldn’t have picked or squeezed at your acne? Scarring can be an unfortunate end result to this action. Refine MD provides clients with advanced technologies that help with acne scarring.

Excessive Sweating

It happens to many people — especially in the summer — when perspiring becomes excessive. If you find that your shirts are continually damp and deodorant or topical agents no longer work, then it may be that your sweat glands are working overtime! With an FDA-approved Botox treatment, you will see a significant reduction in sweating within the first four weeks of treatment. 

Unwanted Body Fat

Are you looking down at your belly thinking that maybe you had a few too many hamburgers and bottles of beer in your younger years? Even now that you are older and perhaps eating healthier and exercising — are you still having a hard time ridding your body of stubborn body fat? Unwanted fat areas — such as the belly, love handles, chest, and arms — can now be tackled with revolutionary non-invasive technologies used at Refine MD’s aesthetic medical spa. So, if you think removing body fat is just for the ladies, think again! These treatments are popular with the men at Refine MD too!

Let’s Face it

Just like women have for years, more and more men are now looking for ways to get back their youthful appearance. This can be achieved with the use of Botox, which relaxes facial muscles and minimizes wrinkles — such as frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines. Although looking youthful may be a big plus to some, it isn’t the only reason many men are getting Botox. Look in the mirror. Do you look angry? Are you squinting? If this is the case, you may be looking mad, untrustworthy, or just too cheap to buy eyeglasses. With our Botox treatments, you will be turning back the hands of the clock without squinting!

Additionally, maybe you need a little help with a double chin or jowls — we have treatments for that too! To learn about our large selection of services, click the link here.

Still not sure about coming to the Refine MD spa? At Refine MD, our staff understands and that is why we offer free consultations! Come in and chat with us and find out how we can help you. 

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