Hunting season is a yearly tradition for many — where a spouse goes off to spend time in the woods in the hopes of bringing home their prized buck. The thrill of hunting is exciting for these lovers of the sport, filling them with invigorating enthusiasm. If you are looking for something less woodsy but both refreshing and invigorating — then the hunt is over.

This hunting season, schedule an appointment to get an invigorating and relaxing European facial at Refine MD.

This is a great opportunity for those left at home to come in and visit Refine MD aesthetic spa for a relaxing European Facial.

European Facials

Instead of a deer stand, we have a seat for you! Recline back in one of our massage chairs and listen to the relaxing music as we provide you with our therapeutic European Facial. Our facial includes a combination of deep cleansing, exfoliation, massage and masque that leaves your skin soft and rejuvenated. While your spouse tenses those facial muscles to peer out from their deer stand, you will receive a gentle facial massage that will relax and relieve tension. While the cold November air hits your hunter’s face out in the wild, you will feel a blanket of warmth enveloping your skin from our specially prepared warming towels. And as your spouse smells the scents of the woods — you will bask in the various aromas of our high quality aesthetic facial products. 


So, if you are not a hunter — then perhaps it is time to make Refine MD your own yearly tradition. Or, if you are a hunter, reward yourself after a successful day in the woods by visiting us. Please call or stop in and make an appointment. The hunt is over for the best facial and we would love to pamper you! 

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