Tick Tock, tick tock, tick tock goes the clock — and we get older, moments pass, and every day that goes by our busy daily lives sometimes get in the way of expressing feelings to loved ones. This is why the May 12th celebration of motherhood — Mother’s Day — is such an important day to show your love and appreciation.

Celebrating Motherhood on Mother's Day.

Every year, Refine MD delights in celebrating beautiful Mothers everywhere and offers exquisite Mother’s Day gifts. A popular Mother’s Day Gift is the Refine MD European Facial.  

Relaxing Facials at Refine MD

Perhaps your mother is busy at the office and needs some time to unplug from her hectic life. Or, your wife is a young mother who needs time to take a breather from dirty diapers and bottle feedings or school lunches, soccer practice, and homework. Or perhaps your mother is one whose children are now adults and she is due for a much deserved tranquil spa treatment at Refine MD. Whatever the stage of motherhood, our European Facials are a popular choice for mothers on Mother’s Day.  

Looking for more than one treatment at the spa for your mother? Here are some ideas:

     •  Spend time with your Mother and come in for a European Facial too!

     •  Purchase a Mother’s Day European Spa Package for every month of the year. What a great way to show your Mother how much she means to you while giving her that much needed time to relax every month!

     •  For a little something extra special, add a package of our high-quality facial products with your European Facial Gift Certificate. 

     •  Adding a Refine MD Gift Card is a great way for your Mother to choose from a variety of products and services following her facial treatment.

Mother’s Day, a celebration of Motherhood and the wonderful gifts given to her children — life, love, hard-work, and commitment — is a day to express love and gratitude for their unconditional love and countless sacrifices. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing Mothers in the World!


Trying to decide what to buy your Mother this Mother’s Day? Call us at 920.380.9990 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will help you with your Mother’s Day Gift! Or check out our Refine Returns — another fantastic Mother’s Day Gift — where you receive amazing offers and discounts!