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Diva Laser

Restore feminine vitality with Diva treatment by Sciton for vaginal health at RefineMD

 New diVa for Vaginal Health and Feminine Vitality

As a woman’s body changes with age, the vagina also experiences its own set of challenges. Aging along with additional life events such as menopause, childbirth, breast-feeding, hysterectomy, and chemotherapy may impact vaginal health and function.

What is diVa?

DiVa™ is the revolutionary new technology from Sciton for laser vaginal therapy. (HFL) Hybrid Fractional Laser utilizes dual wavelengths that combine both ablative and non-ablative technology for synergistic effects to improve the vaginal tissue.  The ablative wavelength deeply resurfaces the layers of the vaginal wall creating brand new tissue. The non-ablative wavelength heats the layers of tissue where collagen begins.

Possible treatment for:

    ♦ Vaginal dryness
    ♦ Stress urinary incontinence
    ♦ Leaking urine while laughing, sneezing, coughing and exercising
    ♦ Painful intercourse

May Improve:

    ♦ Vaginal laxity
    ♦ Enhanced sensation
    ♦ Enhanced lubrication

What should I expect during treatment?

The procedure is quick with minimal discomfort.  A numbing solution is applied inside the vaginal canal. After allowing the solution to take effect for 20 minutes, a single use quartz dilator is inserted into the canal expanding the walls for delivery of energy. The diVa™ handpiece rotates outward with a motorized guidance system ensuring maximum uniform coverage of the canal. The total treatment time is 3 to 5 minutes.

How many treatments are needed?

3 treatments are recommended at 4 to 6 week intervals. A yearly treatment is recommended for maintenance and may vary based on the client’s needs.

What is the downtime?

Clients may return to regular activities immediately after treatment. Minimal discharge, spotting or discomfort may be present for up to 48 hours post treatment. 

How do I get started?

To determine if you are a candidate for diVa laser therapy, call Refine MD at 920.380.9990 and schedule your complimentary consultation. Please arrive a few minutes prior to fill out a medical history form and bring your most recent pap and pelvic exam results for review.

What is  diVaTyte

 diVaTyte™ is a non-ablative approach to exterior vaginal tightening and a fantastic complement to diVa™ laser vaginal therapy. diVaTyte™ uses wavelengths of light to deeply heat tissue to provide a tightened and toned appearance of the labial tissue.

 Possible treatment for:

    ♦ Loose labial skin

May improve:

   ♦ Tightened and toned labial tissue

What should I expect during treatment?

Gel is applied to the vaginal exterior. The handpiece is then placed and moved in circular motions while heating the tissue. A warm sensation is experienced during the treatment until proper temperature is achieved. Passes are repeated multiple times with total treatment time around 15 minutes.

How many treatments are needed?

We recommend a total 5 treatments at 2 week intervals. Maintenance treatments are recommended every 2 to 3 months.

What is the downtime?

There is no downtime associated with diVaTyte™. Clients can immediately return to regular activities.

How do I get started?

Call Refine MD at 920.380.9990 to schedule your complimentary consultation today!


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