RefineMD offers lipo or liposuction and a successful testimonial including before and after photos.

There’s a time after we have children that our bodies have changed and no matter how much we try, we lose some of the shape and we have problem areas. Lipo was the best choice I have ever made. It made a difference overall in my belly area, sides and back-sides. It made me feel good about my body again. It changed my outlook and I work hard at keeping myself looking good for myself and my husband. -JW


RefineMD offers ProLipo and a successful testimonial including before and after photos.

Today I nervously stepped into my “skinny” jeans after not having worn them for 2 years. All that has changed is RefineMd and ProLipo. I thought you would like to see my 55 year old waist with NO MUFFIN-TOP!!!!!!! My after photo at the clinic didn’t quite do justice to how great your work actually looks, I thought. More importantly, I feel better, healthier, younger and – yes – sexier. My clothing CERTAINLY fits much better and just the simple act of sitting is more comfortable than I could ever have hoped to feel as the years rolled on; My weight has changed maybe 5-6lbs but the scale is not my barometer. What I see in the mirror is. Thank you thank you thank you – I am a very happy woman. -AH

RefineMD helped client with what dermatologists could not and after a microdermabrasion, her skin problems were solved as recorded in her successful testimonial including before and after photos.

From the first time I walked into Refine MD to have a microdermabrasion, my life has actually changed dramatically, thanks to your entire staff. Not only did everyone treat me like someone special, but were all more interested in helping me than selling me products and services. One look at my skin, and not only did you not do the treatment I came in for, but you sent me home with free samples to try to solve my problem. What six dermatologists from different parts of Wisconsin couldn’t help me with, you did, and at a much more reasonable cost that I could actually afford. The first day I walked in, very depressed that I would always have a skin problem, I was told you wouldn’t give up on me, and for the first time in 20 years, I had hope. You didn’t give up, and I have been pain free with smooth skin for over a year!! Not only did my friends notice, but I started feeling better about myself which led to me losing weight. You gave me the incentive to get started. Thanks! I think all of you were as excited for my 40th Class Reunion as I was and you made sure I was looking good for it, too. You all truly put my needs first. I didn’t think a business like that existed anymore, but I guess your business is helping people. Thanks again for relieving my pain and giving me back my self-confidence. -Frances

 RefineMD helped client concerned about aging, bring back that youthful healthy appearance as recorded her successful testimonial including before and after photos.

It was shortly after my 43rd birthday last summer that a saying I have heard a million times, but could never relate to suddenly became clear to me. . . I didn’t recognize the person in the mirror looking back at me. I am in good health, I exercise, am outgoing and energetic, but the person I saw in the mirror did not represent any of those characteristics. I looked like a tired, aging woman — that was not who I am or how I felt. As a ThedaCare employee, I had heard about Refine MD before they ever opened their doors, and at that point I decided it was time to pay them a visit. I am SO glad I did! The Refine MD physicians and staff have helped me become “myself” again and I am so grateful for that. They are like friends to me now and I plan on them being a part of my life for a long time! -Kim

Just a brief note to tell you all what a wonderful team you have! Thanks for everything-my life is more relaxing because of Refine MD! -Laura

RefineMD helped Ashley Johnson, now the staff office manager at RefineMD, with her skin condition as recorded in her successful testimonial including before and after photos.

My journey began about two years ago at the woman’s day event that I attended with my mother whose eye was caught by the Refine MD display booth. A friend of hers was looking for a product she had purchased closer to her home. Little did I know, this would put into play many life changing effects. About five months later, my mother received an email from her friend letting her know that Refine MD would be a great place to send me for a consultation. I was skeptical at first trying many different products and seeing different doctors. I have suffered with severe acne since my early teen years. I also had a couple of other skin issues that left me feeling hopeless. My skin conditions kept me from living my life. I stayed home most of the time and when I did leave, I did everything I could to hide my face. Against my protest, my mother convinced me to go. I went in, tears in my eyes, my scarf covering all but my eyes, thinking I would be gawked at and looked down upon as I entered. Instead, I was greeted with a kind smile. As I waited for the doctor, the relaxing atmosphere gave me a calm feeling. I went in for my consultation where the Doctors and staff showed me so much care and compassion; they gave me hope. I started working with Jen who made me feel so comfortable being there; I looked forward to going each week. She told me, “don’t give up, we are going to figure this out and take care of it.” I and others around me started noticing results within the first week, not to mention my self esteem grew immensely. I started enjoying my life. The staff and Jen went above and beyond what was expected or asked of them. In fact, their passion for skin care has inspired me to become an aesthetician myself. With new and improved face and confidence I started school in the fall. I aspire to be as great as the staff at Refine, where the love of their jobs is shown through the glowing skin and smiles of their clients. -Ashley





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