Introducing Refine Returns 

Happiness is getting a great deal on savings at RefineMD with Refine Returns! Refine MD, the Fox Valley's elite medical spa, is excited to introduce Refine Returns, a membership reserve club designed to offer exclusive, year-round access to the best medispa services and benefits.

Exclusive Benefits for Refine Returns Members

♦  More Convenience - no need to wait for sales or injectable day

♦ More Savings - save on the things you want and need, WHEN you want them

♦ More Benefits 

♦ Exclusive members-only services and pricing


♦ A generous return on your investment - you receive a direct bonus from Refine MD

♦ No membership fee

How Refine Returns Works for You:

♦ Choose a membership club level that suits your beauty and budget needs

♦ Make a credit card, check or cash investment into your account

♦ Receive an immediate bonus treatment directly into your account 

♦ That money is yours to spend on any products or services at Refine MD

♦ Sit back and take advantage of all your club level has to offer for the remainder of the calendar year, so choose the level that serves you best.

♦ Refine MD will discontinue monthly injectable day in 2018; therefore, $10/unit Botox will be available exclusively to club members.

*Restrictions may apply. Investment does not expire. No exchanges or refunds. Memberships may not be purchased with complimentary gift cards or Care Credit.  Benefits expire on March 31, 2021 — extended due to COVID-19 closure.




To join:
Initial investment (no expiration)
Botox $/unit: special member pricing
Filler: special member pricing for full size syringes
Product: special member pricing
Exclusive monthly specials
Exclusive rebate offers (TBD as they are available)
Exclusive events/services (TBD)
10% off (1 product/mo)
10% off one full size syringe of filler
10% off (any products)
Exclusive specials on aesthetics and laser services (15% off packages)
10% off one or 15% off 2 or more syringes
15% off (any products)
Exclusive specials on aesthetics and laser services (15% off packages)



Refine Returns 


Q: How long does my membership last?

A: For the calendar year in which you join. You must enroll every year to take advantage of the special savings for that year. Future plans include monthly deposits into your account.

Q: For what may I use the funds in my account?

A: For any products or services that Refine MD offers.

Q: Is there a membership fee to join Refine Returns?

A: No!

Q: Is my membership transferable to another client?

A: No.

Q: Are refunds available?

A: In general, no cash refunds. Any extenuating circumstances will be reviewed by our manager.

Q: Will I receive “returns” bonus every time I deposit funds into my account?

A: You will receive “returns” bonus service when you establish your account and deposit the amount required for that level for the year – therefore, choose your level carefully! It may not be changed once established for that year.

Q: May I use previously purchased gift cards and services already on account to meet the requirements for the membership?

A: NO. Anything purchased previously and already on account may not be used to establish your membership account. The membership account must be started with new funds.

Q: May I apply my Refine Returns initial investment to services on the day I join?

A: YES! Join that day by depositing your initial investment by cash, check, or credit card. You can then use that to pay for any service you have that day – the cost of the product or service will be deducted from your account.

Q: May I use Care Credit to establish my membership account in Refine Returns?

A:  NO - based on Care Credit rules. The account must be established via cash, check, or credit card (other than Care Credit card). Once a member, services may be paid for by using Care Credit as per your Care Credit Agreement.

Q: Will the “returns” bonus in my account expire?

A: No. The funds are in your account and remain there until used for products or services.

Q: Can I change my membership level once I have joined for the year?

A: No. Your membership level will remain for the entire year of joining. Therefore, think carefully about which level to choose.

Q: Will there still be injectable days?

A: No. there will be special member pricing on injectables every day – so you can get what you need WHEN you want it.

Q: Will there still be monthly specials?

A: Yes. There will be special discounts for club members – another reason to join!

Q: Will there be special discounts, rebates, and events for members?

A: Yes. Watch for announcements through email, website and Facebook.

Q: May family members share a Refine Returns Membership?

A: Yes. Household members may share benefits of one household Refine Returns membership under one name.



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