Take a moment and think back to a hot summer day  — whether it was a sunny day at the beach or pool, with friends at a barbecue, on a walking trail, or maybe a soccer or baseball game.

Skin Damage from too much sun exposure.

How wonderful it was to have those beautiful warm sun rays beaming down on your face. Let’s examine this sunny day a little closer. 

The summer heat can feel good, but it can cause your body to dehydrate, leading to dry skin. There are also other factors that cause summer dry skin such as chlorinated pools, excessive use of air conditioning, tanning, and bathing or showering in hot water. 

This is where Refine MD’s chemical peels shine. They help rejuvenate your skin, diminishing sun damage such as brown spots, age spots, fine lines, active acne, redness, discoloration and overall uneven skin tone.

Take it a step further, after all, you — and your skin — are worth it, and combine your chemical peel with a microdermabrasion. When outside in the sun, body and skin temperature tends to increase, and the body then works hard, through sweating, to maintain a healthy body temperature. As part of this process, skin pores enlarge, making for the perfect opportunity for sweat and oil and pollution and sunscreens to make their move and clog those pores. Now that summer is at the end, it is time to remove this trapped gunk.

If you can’t choose between unclogging skin pores and getting fresh, glowing skin — then Refine MD’s MicroPeel is a great option. It combines the Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peel to give you both healthier skin while improving your complexion.

Whether it’s dark skin spots from early sun damage or years of sun exposure resulting in hyperpigmentation, Refine MD also offers an amazing treatment known as BBL or BroadBand Photo Facial. Listen to this client who was treated for the skin discoloration of melasma:


Like BBL, Halo Laser offers a treatment for sun damaged skin. An advanced Hybrid Fractional Laser, when used by Refine MD’s medical aestheticians, delivers precise, safe treatments with minimal discomfort and downtime. As a result, Halo creates smooth and beautifully vibrant skin. With Halo, you can moderate sun damage and the visible signs of aging and can get back the healthy, luminous glow of youth. 


Are you looking for a beauty regimen to get healthier skin? If so, this is good because a daily skin care routine is important for optimal results. Refine MD offers the highest quality and performance medical aesthetic products that can be purchased in our office or online on our products page. Refine MD offers free consultations with our trained and experienced staff of doctors and medical aestheticians and would be happy to put together a skin care regimen that works best for your skin type.

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